William H. Baker, Esq. William H. Baker, Esq.
Arbitrator and Mediator

Arbitration Cases

Mr. Baker has served as panel chair, wing arbitrator, or sole arbitrator in numerous international and domestic matters. Below is a representative list of a few of the disputes he has arbitrated:

• A dispute involving claims of patent infringement and antitrust violations relating to the licensing of pharmaceutical patents.

• A claim arising out of the shipment of railway cars manufactured in Canada.

• A dispute relating to royalties due under a license of biotech patents.

• A claim relating to allegedly defective electronic devices shipped from Taiwan.

• A breach of contract claim relating to the shipment of vanilla beans from Africa.

• A dispute relating to software contracts in Russia.

• A claim arising out of the termination of a distributorship arrangement in France.

• A dispute relating to infringement of biological patents.

• A claim for breach of contract with respect to an agreement to invest in several projects in Russia.

• A claim for breach of contract and environmental pollution arising out of oil drilling in Ecuador.

• A contractual dispute relating to the conduct of a worldwide Stage 3 drug trial for a drug used in cancer treatment.

• A contract dispute relating to the conduct of a Stage 2 drug trial for a drug used to treat herpes labialis.

• A claim for failure to pay legal fees, and a counterclaim for legal malpractice in connection with representation of the subsidiary of a company in Monaco.

• A claim for legal malpractice and theft of trade secrets in connection with legal representation in a patent infringement matter.

• A claim for unpaid legal fees, and a counterclaim for malpractice and possible disbarment, relating to a real estate development project in Mexico.

• A claim against a law firm for professional negligence in preparing and reviewing patent assignment agreements.

• A dispute relating to the termination of a telecommunications joint-venture in Africa.

• A claim for breach of a partnership agreement.

• A claim for underreporting of royalties and a counterclaim for discriminatory license terms in violation of European antitrust law in connection with the licensing of a pool of patents in the electronics industry.

• Numerous class action disputes.

Mediation Cases

Mr. Baker has mediated disputes involving an extremely wide range of subject matters. A representative list is set forth below:

• Claim for wrongful termination and theft of trade secrets with respect to a software model that values the risk portfolios of different fixed income securities.

• Claim of theft of trade secrets and patent infringement with respect to computer modeling technology to predict the performance of untested chemical compounds.

• Claim against multiple companies in the luggage industry for infringement of patents relating to luggage locks that can be opened for TSA security inspections without damaging the locks.

• Numerous and varied other patent infringement and patent licensing matters.

• Numerous breach of contract claims arising under a wide variety of commercial contracts.

• Numerous and varied employment claims including wrongful termination, sex and age discrimination, and workplace harassment.

• Miscellaneous fraud, theft of trade secrets, Lanham Act, false advertising, and reverse palming off claims.

• Numerous and varied product liability claims for wrongful death or serious injury against car companies and other equipment manufacturers.

• Numerous and varied construction claims including claims for defective construction and delay damages.

• Miscellaneous claims for violation of civil rights under 28 USC Section 1983.